Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed FAQ to assist you in learning more about the Alin Le’ kal experience.

What price does an Alin Le’ Kal custom gown start at?

Custom Alin Le’ Kal gowns start at $8,000.00 for bridal and $3,000.00 for evening wear. Pricing is subjective to your design, the fabric chosen and design details, such as beading/lace.

All final prices are established in a paid consultation.

How long does a custom gown take to make?

We recommend coming on board 9-13 months prior to your event, particularly if there is an influx of brides due to events such as COVID-19 restrictions ending.

How far out should I consult with Alin prior to my event?

14 months prior to your event is a suitable timeframe to consult with Alin Le’ Kal, particularly if you enjoy having time to consider your options and making informed decisions.

Do I have to be based/come to Melbourne to buy a custom gown?

We service brides and clients from all over Australia, and the world. It is not essential that you visit Melbourne, as we have systems in place that allow international brides to remain where they are based. Please make contact with us to learn about how we service brides/clients who reside outside of Victoria.

Does Alin Le' Kal charge for consultations?

Alin Le’ Kal charges for consultations as we delivery valuable knowledge and information in consultations. Please visit the consultation tab to learn more.

Does Alin Le' Kal rent gowns?

Unfortunately, we do not rent our gowns out unless it is a part of a media deal.

What happens if I lose/gain weight prior to my event date?

Losing or gaining weight is a natural aspect of life. Alin Le’ Kal allows for this and have developed methods to ensure it is not an issue*
Please contact the team to learn more.